Firmware Updates

The motorcontroller inside all Opentrons liquid handlers (called Smoothieboard or just Smoothie) will need it’s firmware updated if you are planning to use the Opentrons API and accompanying 2.0 app. The process is simple, and can be done from your computer in under a minute.

To summarize, there are two files on your Smoothie that must be replaced; FIRMWARE.CUR and config.

Download Files

Download the zipped files from here:

After downloading, unpack the zip file to view its contents.

Open the Smoothie’s Drive

Power on and plug in your Opentrons liquid handler, and make sure you do not have the app open. You will notice the Smoothieboard shows up on the computer as a Mass Storage Device, like an external hard drive or flash drive.


Open the Smoothie’s storage device to see it’s FIRMWARE.CUR and config files. There might be other files there, but the two you need to worry about are FIRMWARE.CUR and config, because these are what we will be replacing.

Copy Over Firmware

From the folder you downloaded from GitHub, find the firmware.bin file.


Drag firmware.bin to the Smoothie’s drive. Your drive should now look like the following:


Select Your Model’s Config

Opentrons come in three models, the Standard, Pro, and Hood. Each model requires a unique config file to go along with it. Find the config file that matches your robot (the folders are named after each model).


Drag the config file from the correct folder onto the Smoothie’s drive. You will be overwriting the old config file, so your computer may ask if you would like to proceed with replacing it.



Unmount the Smoothie’s driver from your computer, and power cycle the robot. When the Smoothieboard powers on, it will read the firmware.bin file, then save it as FIRMWARE.CUR. It will then read the new config file, and your liquid handler now has updated firmware.