Welcome To Opentrons Docs!

The Opentrons API is a simple Python framework designed to make writing automated biology lab protocols easy.

We’ve designed it in a way we hope is accessible to anyone with basic Python and wetlab skills. As a bench scientist, you should be able to code your automated protocols in a way that reads like a lab notebook.

Getting Started

New to Python? Check out our Design with Python page first before continuing. To get a sense of the typical structure of our scripts, take a look at our Examples page.

Our API requires Python version 3.6.4 or later. Once this is set up on your computer, you can simply use pip to install the Opentrons package.

pip install opentrons

To simulate protocols on your laptop, check out Simulating Your Scripts. When you’re ready to run your script on a robot, download our latest desktop app


If you encounter problems using our products please take a look at our support docs

or contact our team via intercom on our website at opentrons.com

Feature Requests

Have an interesting idea or improvement for our software? Create a ticket on github by following these guidelines.

Developer’s guide

Do you want to contribute to our open-source API? You can find more information on how to be involved here.