Hardware Modules

Hardware modules are powered and unpowered deck-mounted peripherals. The Flex and OT-2 are aware of deck-mounted powered modules when they’re attached via a USB connection and used in an uploaded protocol. The robots do not know about unpowered modules until you use one in a protocol and upload it to the Opentrons App.

Powered modules include the Heater-Shaker Module, Magnetic Module, Temperature Module, and Thermocycler Module. The 96-well Magnetic Block is an unpowered module.

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Throughout these pages, most code examples use coordinate deck slot locations (e.g. "D1", "D2"), like those found on Flex. If you have an OT-2 and are using API version 2.14 or earlier, replace the coordinate with its numeric OT-2 equivalent. For example, slot D1 on Flex corresponds to slot 1 on an OT-2. See Deck Slots for more information.